Brexit Planning Status


As a result of the decision to leave the European Union and the ongoing political uncertainty that still surrounds what this means, as a responsible Group we have to consider the potential impacts on our businesses and supply chains.

We are working with our suppliers to increase stock holdings and maximise product availability to reduce the possibility of disruption to our service offering. Where appropriate we have taken in additional stock of the core range of raw materials and products we require to avoid disruption to our customers in the event that there are any immediate issues with goods arriving in the UK from mainland Europe.

We are a diverse Group of businesses and already source much of our material from within the UK. We therefore do not anticipate that any complications in supply routes from the EU will have a significant impact on our ability to maintain our usual high level of service.

We will continue to review our position on an on-going basis and encourage our customers to work with us to plan future requirements so that we may incorporate these into our plans.