Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier code of conduct


Consolidated Timber Holdings Group Limited and its subsidiaries (together “the Group”) pride themselves on running their businesses in an honest and ethical manner and with social responsibility. We expect our suppliers to aspire and adhere to the same high standards in the operation of their business and interaction with the Group. This “Supplier Code of Conduct” sets out the standards expected of any supplier doing business with the Group.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

The Group expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable Laws and Regulations on anti-corruption, bribery and tax evasion. We expect all suppliers to adhere to the Bribery, Anti-corruption and Tax Evasion Policy. A copy of the policy is available on the Corporate Governance section of the Group’s website (

In summary, suppliers must not offer, promise, or give financial or other advantage to the Group (including, its employees, agents or representatives), intending that by doing so they will receive preferential treatment in the award of business, contracts, improved service levels or other advantage, or to induce them to award business or services other than on arm’s length terms.

For the avoidance of doubt, small gifts and entertainment which would not be expected to result in the recipient feeling obliged to give preferential treatment to the provider are not regarded as bribes.

Human Rights

The Group expects its suppliers to treat their employees and others carrying on work for them ethically, with respect and dignity and to ensure compliance with all relevant employment laws and regulations. In particular suppliers should:

  • Conduct operations in a manner that is free from harassment and discrimination.
  • Comply with all applicable minimum wage and working hour regulations.
  • Not be involved in slavery.
  • Not use child labour.
  • Ensure that their operations are not involved in human trafficking.

We expect all suppliers to have policies and procedures in place aimed at ensuring that slavery, human trafficking and child labour are not present within their supply chains.

Health and Safety

The Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment across its operations and we expect our suppliers to operate to the same high standards. In particular we expect our suppliers to:

  • Promote a culture which is committed to health and safety.
  • Manage their operations to reduce risks to health and safety.
  • Develop practices that meet or exceed the relevant applicable health and safety law.
  • Provide appropriate training to employees on health and safety.
  • Ensure that employees are provided with the appropriate health and safety equipment to undertake their duties in a safe manner.
  • Monitor health and safety performance.
  • Promote open communication about health and safety issues.
  • Not to tolerate employees or contractors who fail to comply with good health and safety practices.


The Group’s Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking, Bribery, Anti-Corruption and Tax Evasion, Competition Law and, Health and Safety Policies are available on the Corporate Governance section of the Group’s website (

Issued December 2022